Hey there!  I’m Leisa – thanks for hanging out with me!  I’m a happy-go-lucky girl from the Portland, Oregon area (yep, that’s moss all around me). I love Dirty Diet Cokes (you’re unfamiliar with the DDC? Girl, we gotta talk), Photoshop (still newb status), and reading in the bathtub (three hours is gonna pass anyway, right?!).  I also spend unreasonable amounts of time browsing this here interweb for all kinds of ideas for my house, friends, dinner table, and general entertainment to share with you, hence the beginnings of Yeahthatgirl.


About Me D&L

I’ve been married to Mr. Wonderful Guy for the past 27 years – I called dibs on him the first time I saw him at Ricks College, and the only roommate who didn’t listen mysteriously disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Okay, okay, I’m kidding.  He’d be just about perfect if he put the laundry away and recycled his own cans.  Sigh… it’s a hardship, I know.  I love that he can fix anything (look for some of his home maintenance tips around here), he is beyond patient with me and all my crazy ideas, and he still likes to hold my hand.  It’s been a grand adventure – I’m excited to see what the next 27 years bring.



About Me - The Yahoos


I’m the lucky mother to these five yahoos… So happy to call them my best friends.  My oldest lives in Arizona with her family and the next three are attending college in Idaho, so we’re thankful for unlimited minutes, Snapchat and Facetime!  With only a boy left at home and Empty Nester status around the corner, I’m going to need some serious girl talk on this blog, ladies.




A son-in law joined our chaotic crew in 2011, and on August 5, 2013 he and our sweet daughter blessed us with Daxton, the cutest little grandson in Arizona.  We don’t get to see them nearly often enough – cue the private jet, please.  As Dorothy Parker said, “I’ve never been a millionaire, but I know I’d be just darling at it.”  High five, sister.

About Me - The Fam

Yep, I’m that girl – the loudest house on the block, full of faith, sarcasm, laundry, movie quotes, and a wee bit of love.  Stay around awhile, wontcha?


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