What’s the best sale you’ve ever scored?  Up till recently, I was very proud of my Old Navy 48 cent t-shirt deal, but I think I may have trumped it!  And trust me – this may be life-culminating, unable to be topped.  I was browsing Michaels a couple weeks before Christmas when I saw a big sunburst mirror on a six dollar clearance shelf.  Six bucks??  Sign me up!  I’ve kept my eyes open for one of these lovelies for a while, but was never willing to pay the premium amounts.  Naturally there was no price marked on the mirror or anything like it in the clearance section so I decided to take a chance and put it in my cart.

As I headed for checkout I prepped myself for the clerk’s hysterical laughter when I explained my mirror’s six dollar resting place, but my pride was willing to take one for the team.  The clerk, it turns out, was very nice and squelched her amusement when I explained where I found my unmarked mirror.  As her red laser gun scanned the barcode, a look of confusion appeared.  She assured me all was well, and she proceeded to scan again with the red laser gun.  After the same apparent result, she proclaimed the need to contact her manager about the price.  My curiosity had almost overtaken my hope for a good deal by this time.  I was already justifying the amount she would tell me and having the “Look how much money I saved you” talk with my hubs in my mind.  After a brief conversation, my clerk shrugged her shoulders and announced the price on my glorious sunburst mirror was unfortunately not six dollars like I had hoped.  It. Was. A. Penny.  Yep, you read correctly, folks.  A penny.  And her manager told her to sell it for the price in their system.  Which was a penny.  Did you get that or should I brag some more?


After picking my jaw up off the floor and hugging the lady buying yarn next to me, I sincerely thanked my clerk – by this time I was the one near hysterical laughter, not her like originally expected.  And then I danced out of Michaels, deal-of-a-lifetime mirror in tow.  I knew the wall I wanted to showcase this prize on, only the mirror was painted a distressed cream and my walls are still a very boring and dingy need-to-be-updated white.  Cue Tinkerbell’s magic chimes – spray paint to the rescue!  I’m in the process of changing colors in my kitchen to turquoise and green, (see my kitchen printable here) and my hot little mirror would look that much hotter with some turquoise love and a side of bronze glaze.

Use a big box for spray painting projects to prevent overspray!


I have a very high tech painting station in my garage – the big box from a Father’s Day Barbeque lets me spray paint without getting paint on things not needing paint. Might want to read that again. Anywho, enter Rust-oleum’s Painter’s Touch in Seaside and we’re in business.Paint bronze glaze over color for some distressed attitude!


Not willing to leave well enough alone, I gotta dirty up this bright turquoise – the lengths we go to make something new look like you found it on the side of the road, right?  With a foam brush, paint on the bronze – I used DecoArt Metallics in Rich Espresso.

Use a paper towel to wipe off the excess glaze.I gave it a second or two, then grabbed a paper towel and started wiping.  I love that bronzey, antiquey look it creates, not to mention those amazing adjectives, eh?  I started with the edges, but ended up getting bronze happy and went over most of the surface.  There were a couple stubborn spots that stayed shiny and wouldn’t take any of the bronze, and as I kept adding color (because the twelfth time’s a charm) the areas around that blasted shine got more and more brown.  Gah!  Looked like a mirror you wouldn’t even pay a penny for at this point.  I was thinking I’d have to go back to the drawing board painting station and start again.

Sand off the color you don't want, making sure to get random edges and rough spots.With nothing to lose, I grabbed a sanding block and went to work, first on those stubborn shiny spots, then on the areas of concentrated brown.  Oh, that little sanding block miracle, I tell ya.  Not only did it take care of the areas that were causing insanity, it also started showing some of the original cream on the edges and distressed spots that came on the mirror.  My revulsion quickly morphed into a love affair with this turquoised, bronzed, sanded with really cool old cream edges showing through penny mirror.


So here’s the finished product, minus the reflection of the US Women’s Soccer Team playing Canada on the tv or my hubs trying to photo bomb.  He’s a hottie, but just didn’t go with the motif. My Penny Mirror, the Finished Product!

I’m so happy with this baby that I’ve turned into Narcissus, checking out my mirror every five minutes.

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