My husband has never been a “sweets” kinda guy.  Sweet, definitely.  Candy, not so much.  A couple years ago I searched the world over to find a gift that he would appreciate.  Calling all meat varieties!

Pig Bacon

Valentines Day 2011 was the year of the jerky bouquet.  I went to Safeway and bought just the greenery for a bouquet – cost me less than ten dollars.  Then I picked up a dozen jerky sticks and taped them to skewer sticks.  He was one happy camper, even having just come in from the torrential downpour that is Oregon in February.


Apparently I hit the Lame-O button for 2012, because neither of us can remember his gift!  It wasn’t great enough to remember, but on the other hand, it didn’t blow so badly that he has nightmares about that horrific Valentines Day in 2012.  I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl.

V-Day 2013 returned to the carnivore theme – a bacon bouquet.  Right?!  I bought a couple silk flower bouquets from the Dollar Tree and took the flowers off.  Meanwhile, I wrapped the uncooked bacon around itself, tightly at first, then a little looser.  I put two toothpicks in crossways at the bottom of the roll to secure it.  Then I put the rolls (toothpicks on the bottom) in the oven at 350 degrees for around 25 minutes, give or take, checking it often.  When the bacon was fully cooked and cooled, I removed the toothpicks and stuck the bacon roses to the plastic flower part and created his new favorite flower – the Bacorose.  For a more visual tutorial, check out Our Best Bites.

I’m still working on this year’s gift idea.  I mean, how do you top Bacoroses?  Eau de Bacon? Sorry, not even in the name of love.

4 Comments on Meat My Valentine

  1. Hi Leisa,
    I’m visiting from Tipjunkie Tip Me Tuesday. I love the jerky/bacon bouquet ideas, so original! :) Can’t wait to see what idea you’ve come up with this year!

  2. You are amazing! I HATE Valentine’s Day (mostly because of the cliche gifts). This is perfect for my husband. Thank you for the fantastic idea. Love it.

    • Oh stop, Traci (with hands motioning to keep it coming)! Our men love their processed meat products, right?! And I’m thinking I’ll have to make that red velvet goodness on your blog for the perfect V-Day treat, cliche or not!! 😉