Printables have become my new obsession.  I find them all over Pinterest.  I make notes during church meetings when I hear something that touches me or I zone out receive personal inspiration.  I jot down movie quotes (the main method of communication in my family).  But what to do with all these amazing sayings?  By now I have enough to wallpaper my main floor, and as much as I hate my walls, I’m not thinking this is the look to pursue – a little too Footloose circa 1984 “we call it The Yearbook” for me.

Easy-Printable-GiftOur church’s Young Women’s organization came up with a brilliant gift they give to graduating seniors.  Grab a cute 8×10 frame and pick 12 of your favorite inspiring printables – Staples will print them for 49 cents each.  Put them all in the frame, then the lucky recipient can change the look every month.  Brilliant, right?  Just before I was released from YW I scored one of these beauties for Christmas – WOOT!  Find this gem by the talented Nikki at




Lindsay, my most clever second daughter (picked up on that non-favoritism favoritism, didn’t you?), gave me a 5×7 frame for Christmas filled with some fun holiday printables for the year.  Presto change-o, instant built-in holiday decoration!  The girls at one of my favorite blogs, eighteen25, offer all of these goodies in one spot.  Click here to get yours!


Something else you can do to display these nuggets of wisdom (or sarcasm as in my case) is to modge podge the print onto almost any surface.  I found the ugliest canvas ever discovered at Goodwill – it was painted black with 3 white machine guns stenciled onto it. A little too 2nd Amendment decor for me… I had a snarky saying to display in my kitchen, so I played around in Photoshop and ran down to Staples to have an 11×17 printed for less than a dollar.  Modge podged my snark onto the scary gun canvas, and voila!  Sarcastic goodness displayed for all who enter Leisa’s kitchen for less than 2 bucks.  Makes me smile every time I look at it.


Feel free to download my printable here so you can warn those in your own kitchen.


And then check out my Obsession Printables on Pinterest.  Those dishes will still be there in 30 minutes.  Or 3 hours.

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