I grew up in a small town in Southeast Idaho.  It was a great place to live, but when I left for college I decided I was through with small town anything.  My plans were to graduate and head to a cool metropolitan spot like California, where the sun was always shining, everyone drove convertibles, and one day some sophisticated, big city dandy would sweep me off my feet.  Ahh, the naivete of making a plan…

I remember clearly one of the first Sundays of my second year of school.  I went to church with my five roommates and we were scoping out the hot guys while waiting for the meeting to start.  My eyes lit upon a foxy bearded young buck – a standout because the dress code at Ricks College didn’t allow beards (lucky for him he wasn’t a student that semester).  Right then and there I called dibs.

We actually met a few weeks later, again at church, and like all good romance novels, my heart started beating for the first time, bound to his with an overwhelming tidal wave of everlasting love. Eww.  Nope, not like that at all.  But I knew there was something different about this guy and I was willing to stick around and find out what it was.

1986 to 2013 - love him more now than ever!

My very realistic and well-thought out life plan quickly went out the window.  I had fallen for a country boy, through and through, from a town even smaller and podunkier than mine.  The day he took me horseback riding was the nail in the coffin – not much tops a hot guy on a horse.  We met in November, got engaged in April, and married in July – yep, I chased him until he caught me.

Garth Brooks sings a song that says, “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” How grateful I am for a Father in Heaven who knows what I need more than I do.  I thank Him every day for this cute, stubborn, entertaining, honorable, podunk country boy.  We’ve survived leaving the small town for the great northwest, five children, multiple businesses, and a giant load of chaos and he’s still my very best friend.  Remember the movie Fools Rush In?  There’s a line in it that describes my sweetheart perfectly.  Everything I never knew I always wanted.

Enjoy the printable.

You are everything I never knew I always wanted ~ Fools Rush In Printable!


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