Everyone remembers their first time.  Setting the mood, getting the space arranged perfectly, wanting to get everything just right.  This is my first blog post.  Wait, what were you thinking??

Anyway… I’ve been working on the idea of my blog for a few months now.  I’m pretty computer savvy, but I knew NOTHING about blogging and the work that goes into developing that gorgeous webpage you happen to stumble upon while eating Häagen Dazs one night.  And WordPress?  Don’t even get me started.  In fact, my first trial run posts were a couple whiny sentences about how WordPress makes me want to hurl and do violent things.  It’s okay to rant and rave online to yourself, right?  It was just a test to see how posting a blog entry worked, then they were deleted.  I was unaware, however, that these rants were posted to my Twitter account (shameless plug:  http://twitter.com/thatgirlleisa) and one of my daughters LIKED IT.  Sheesh.  So much for my perfect launch into the blogging world…

I finally figured out some of the design elements for my page, made friends with WordPress, and worked on it to get every tiny detail just perfect.  But posting stuff?  No, it wasn’t quite ready yet.  My son would tease during a meal or when I was working on a project, “Mom, what a great idea for a blog post!”  I was letting fear stop me from just diving in and doing what I love to do.  I wanted perfection from the beginning, but who am I kidding?  I’m the least perfect person I know.  I’m the girl who loves to see the chaotic piles and screaming kids just to the left of the picture of the pristine, newly-designed family room.  My house is a sty messy sometimes.  My furniture is old and doesn’t match.  I walk by Pottery Barn just to get a whiff of the loveliness, but that’s all I can afford.  I actually have some amazing recipes, but don’t passionately love to cook.  I have great ideas but crappy follow-through, as evidenced by my hoarder’s garage.  Perfect, schmerfect… I’m not waiting anymore.  I’m diving in, even though my social media buttons don’t make me squeal – great, you just looked at my social media buttons, didn’t you?Perfect-Schmerfect

So here it goes – my first time.  Once I let go of the pressure and got rolling, it’s been surprisingly great.  Now I can’t wait till the next time, and the next after that.  Wait, is your mind going somewhere else again?   I just knew we’d be friends.

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